Solos at Steel City

brought to you by The Artist Initiative
in partnership with Teresa Haag & Steel City Coffehouse and Brewery

Nothing pairs better with coffee than art.

Come check out a year of solo shows at Steel City Coffeehouse and Brewery. The first Sunday of each month in 2021 brings you a new collection of works from talented local and national artists. 

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Steel City Coffeehouse - 203 Bridge St, Phoenixville, PA 19460

May 2 - June 1



Ann Guidera-Matey enjoy pastels’ immediacy and finds the vibrant colors effective for conveying joy or wonderment...

"The light at dusk on the water changes everything. Hints of yellow, orange or even gold appear in the sky and are reflected in the water and on the masts and sides of the boats moored in “Quiet Harbors”. It is also the time of day when the wind dies down and the water is so still it’s like glass. The rhythmic reflections of the masts in the water can hypnotize you into forgetting about the rest of the world and staying in that peaceful moment. This series, Quiet Harbors, is inspired by memories and photos of moored boats at the change of light that I experienced while kayaking in the many creeks off the Chesapeake on the Eastern shore of Maryland."

-- Ann Guidera-Matey


 Light, color and texture, invite you into Ann's paintings where you can slow down, take a deep breath and experience the moment.