The Joy That It Brings

Dock Square Installed in its New Home

Although it wasn't its first home, Dock Square found its way here, and it is just perfect. Inspired by a trip the boys and I took a few summers ago, Dock Square captures a gray foggy morning in Kennebunkport Maine.

A few weeks before leaving for our trip, a woman named Kim, who would eventually become one of my best friends, stopped in my studio and we chatted about our summer plans. Sharing that we were headed up to Maine with no plans other than slowly making our way up the coast, Kim spent time sharing all the best places to visit, to eat, and to soak in — she and her family spend the summer there every year. It was a great list, and we followed it closely on our vacation.

Upon our return, I was ready to start painting and loved the view that we had that very first cool and foggy morning waking up in Maine. I worked on it during a show, like I often do, and soon, a lovely collector decided to bring it home. Over the course of months, and a few visits to frame it and help hang it, we realized that the piece was just too large for their home, and it came back to me.

Time passed. The painting hung quietly in my studio. One day, Kim came in to visit and couldn't believe that the painting was back. She had seen photos of the piece in progress when I was working on it, and connected to it deeply but thought that it was no longer available. Her family visited that area summer after summer, they knew exactly where the view was from and had dined on the ship in the piece.

I had no idea that was where Kim spent her time in Maine when I created the piece. There was just something about it when we visited.

As a surprise, her husband decided to gift her the painting. There was an elaborate plan to install it while she was shopping with one of her daughters, and a stressful installation hoping that I would get it hung in time for her to be surprised!

It worked. She was completely shocked. I was so grateful to the family that I got to be there for the reveal. I love visiting her, getting to see the piece in its home, and knowing the joy that it brings.

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