Lady in Red

One of the questions I am asked most about my work is how do I decide what to paint. My love of industry and gritty cityscapes goes back to my roots in Rochester...but I rarely paint Rochester. The work I choose to paint today still has that industrial feel of Rochester, and it is almost always a little gritty and usually something that is overlooked.

Something happens when I am out and about traveling and going about my day to day life. I'll get a feeling in my gut...I can actually feel it in the pit of my stomach that tells me I should pay attention to whatever I've stumbled upon. I've become sensitive to this feeling over the years and am always prepared to document the subject with my camera or a sketchbook.

I've created a little video of a recent trip to Boston and have included some images that struck me, including one that led to my newest painting titled Lady in Red.

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