I love driving. In a past life, I worked as a sales professional, and I spent a lifetime on the road. Waking up early, planning my route, beating the rush, playing my music, singing along with the radio - loudly with abandon, and seeing life happening all around me.

Some days, I'd be in cities, navigating the one-way streets, fingers crossed for a close parking space so I didn't have to walk blocks in my heels.

Other days, my drives were speckled with silos, and laundry drying on clotheslines, and the smell of cows, and earth and grass.

Traffic was part of my life. Sometimes stressful, when it meant being late for an appointment. Mostly though, it gave me pause to look around and see how people live, and work, and interact with one another.

So many of my paintings were inspired by moments experienced on the road.

"Downpour" came from an otherwise ordinary day on the road, with an off in the distance storm threatening my sun-speckled drive. It felt like a curtain of water was being dangled in front of me, daring me to drive through.

©Teresa Haag, Downpour. Oil on Newspaper Covered Board, 12 x 12 inches.

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