Artist Erika Stearly Shares her Intimate Interiors

I don't know when I saw Erika Stearly's raw and unapologetic interiors for the first time. I think it may have been at the Goggleworks in Reading, PA. Somehow, I feel that I've always known them. Full of color, energy, and intention, her work reaches out and gives the viewer an honest and emotional glimpse into someone's world, sometimes in the most private and sacred spaces.

I met up with Erika to learn more about her and her work. She builds compositions with the idea of the viewer connecting with her work through the placement of common object.

Stearly shares, "Choosing to feature household interiors as an underlying theme allows me to delight a casual audience that recognizes familiar objects while I ponder less tangible concerns, such as the role of painting in the age of social media, the feminist implications of choosing to depict domestic scenes, and the influence of other painters who depict places and things."

In addition to her artist statement and bio which you can find here, I found out that we share a love for used bookstores and the paint color "Transparent Gold". It's a magical color once you understand how to use it.

Right now, several of Erika's pieces are in my gallery waiting to be hung for the upcoming Grand Opening Exhibition on Sept. 27, 2019.

You can find Erika online at her website:

You can also see her work Instagram:

And, come see her work in person at Teresa Haag Studio + Gallery SEP 27 - NOV 9.

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