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You’ve scoured the web, you’ve asked all your friends with kids, you have even turned to Facebook for recommendations, but there is still no good answer for what summer camp to send your creative child to. 


You feel guilty about dropping them off at the traditional summer camp because you know that it's just a way to keep them busy during the day, not a way to feed their passion for art and creativity.  


You are sick of seeing your children turn into screen zombies and want them to unplug and get their hands dirty just like you did when you were a kid.


You want to give your kids a rockstar experience customized to their love of making art and expressing their creative spirit.  


What if your kid’s answer to “How was your day” wasn’t “I dunno” and instead took up the entire car ride home?


What if all of a sudden your refrigerator is no longer large enough to hold all the artwork being created as a result of your child's new found creative inspiration.  


How fun would it be to visit the completed mural each time you are in downtown Phoenixville and know that your child created it.


What if your child truly believed they could do anything they set their mind to? 

When your child participates in The Mural Experience

this summer they will start school in the fall feeling like they can reach any goals big or small, they’ll build friendships that will last longer than the mural, and the accomplishment that they feel when they see their artwork on their wall in town will stick with them and develop long lasting pride in the Phoenixville Community.  You'll know that your child is having a great time and spending the summer in a fun and safe space designed to help them focus on their passion…art.

Teresa Haag is a professional artist with a studio located in Downtown Phoenixville, PA.  She is a cityscape painter that creates pieces that viewers feel like they can walk right into and be surrounded by the buzz of city life.  Most notably, Teresa is responsible for designing and painting several murals in the area.  

  • The Welcome the Phoenixville Mural, 2015

  • View From the Northside Mural (Borough Hall, Phoenixville) 2016

  • Schwenksville Train, (Schwenksville) 2017

  • Gateway to the Past, (Phoenixville) 2017

To check out more about Teresa and see examples of her work, go to

Screenshot 2019-02-17 13.27.06.png
Screenshot 2019-06-28 09.04.27.png


Our partners have generously gifted funds to help send budding artists to The Mural Experience Summer Program.  




The gallery is currently closed to the public during the stay at home order,  but art is still being made in the studio!  Follow along here.


223 Prospect Street

Phoenixville, PA 19460



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